Part 1 of a long story - - 1841 Auckland - The reclaim was planned the year the town of Auckland was formed....
While recently studying bird and animal extinction in New Zealand, I fell across a series of articles showing how close the human race came to dying out. Around 70,000 years ago, humanity's global population dropped down to between 3,000 and 10,000 individuals...
This started as a piece about conservation activity in NZ, but quickly developed into damming indictment of how we abused this beautiful land. The spin doctors presenting a "clean-green NZ" needs a re-write, and the fanciful stories I grew up with how our tipuna were "at one with the land" is simply a lie. In the first 1,000 years after we arrived, we hunted almost 50 bird species to extinction, (wondering how it felt to kill the last Moa ?)and we burnt down 50% of our forests. Then the Europeans arrived en mass, and the carnage continued, first the sealers & whalers, then the settlers. The Europeans did nothing we didn't do they just had tools and we had rocks and sharp sticks. New Zealand is a text book study of how to destroy paradise, and no amount a "feel good" "tree hugging" today can alter what we did.
We should be teaching this in school.
While you sit around crying over your Vanilla Mocha Latte's and complaining about government actions restricting your lifestyle during the Covid outbreak, spare a thought for your grand-parents and in some cases Great Grandparents, who experienced the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.
Francisco Rodrigues Figueira, popularly known as Don Buck, was an intriguing character of early West Auckland. He was born in Madeira, probably in 1869 or 1870. Nothing is known of his parents, early life or date of arrival in New Zealand; he seems never to have married. Figueira described himself as a viticulturist by profession but is best known for running a gum-diggers' camp on a 250-acre property on the outskirts of Henderson, near Auckland.

Computer Poems 1994 & 1997 by Lorac

Computers demand your total devotion and a house-load of notepaper.
They have written their own manuals simply to deter human interaction with themselves.
Our manual, which is the condensed version, has 393 pages and
right in the middle of page 9 is a two-sentence paragraph titled `Before You Begin', which sends you to chapter 15...
For some obscure reason, I decided to trace the family tree
This very time-consuming passion is known as genealogy.
18 months or so later, my brother in his wisdom was heard to say
A virus got my computer and took it by the throat
All the life out of it, it did its best to choke
I sat and helplessly watched as it tried to struggle for life
Remember when we bought our first computer, to document the family tree
It seemed to be very necessary then, if we were to pursue this genealogy
Two years down the road and we upgraded to one, with a CD & much more
And now that I have a web page, I have alot more grey hairs...that's for sure


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